Using machine learning to reduce toxicity online

Perspective API can help mitigate toxicity and ensure healthy dialogue online.

How it works

Toxicity online poses a serious challenge for platforms and publishers. Online abuse and harassment silence important voices in conversation, forcing already marginalized people offline.

What is Perspective?

Perspective is a free API that uses machine learning to identify "toxic We define toxicity as a rude, disrespectful, or unreasonable comment that is likely to make someone leave a discussion." comments, making it easier to host better conversations online.

See how it works for yourself:

Type a sentence into the box to see its toxicity score. Perspective returns a percentage that represents the likelihood that someone will perceive the text as toxic.

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Advanced Options
Give users feedback for
  • toxic
  • obscene
  • insulting
  • threatening
Show negative feedback when a comment is over 70%

Confidence level

0% 50% 100%
Not likely Unsure Very likely
Must be ≥ %
likely to be perceived as toxic with a message that says,
  • x% likely to be toxic.
  • Please remember to follow our community guidelines.
  • Add Custom Message
Show positive feedback when a comment is under 30%

Confidence level

0% 50% 100%
Not likely Unsure Very likely
Must be < %
likely to be perceived as toxic with a message that says
  • x% likely to be toxic. Great job!
  • Thank you for your positive contribution to our community!
  • Add Custom Message

* Please use this demo only if you are older than 13. Please do not enter personally identifiable information.

What can you build with Perspective?

Publishers, platforms, and individuals can use Perspective to power a variety of different use cases, in comment sections, forums, or any text-based conversations. Developers integrate and customize Perspective for many different audiences.

For moderators

Moderators use Perspective to quickly prioritize and review comments that have been reported.

For commenters

Perspective can give feedback to commenters who post toxic comments.

For readers

Developers create tools so readers can control which comments they see, like hiding comments.

Why should you use Perspective?

Perspective has been shown to increase engagement by helping platforms and publishers create safe environments for conversation, and by helping individuals make healthier contributions online.

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Enables healthy conversations

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Reduces toxicity and abusive behavior

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Free. Self-Serve. Customizable.

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